- Dragon Kung Fu in Berlin -

Lung Ying ('Dragon Sign') is a traditional Shaolin Kung Fu based on the movements of five animals: Tiger, Panther, Snake, Eagle and Dragon. The leg movements are based on that of the Dragon (lizard) so zigzag movements are used in the style. The training comprises many difficult and exhausting leg and arm exercises as well as conditioning the body. These exercises are designed both to increase the physical strength of the body and to strengthen the flow of energy around it. They are the foundation and essence of the movements and techniques used in Lung Ying.

- Classes -

The German branch of the Chiew Chung Lung Ying Academy gives classes every Friday. Classes are taught fully through English. Beginners welcome.

- Venue: -

Gymnastikhalle, Urbanstrasse 166, 10961 Berlin (ring mobile number below)
Directions: See map and picture below. (ring mobile number below if you arrive after 7pm)


Fridays 19:00 - 21:00

Class changes:

- 2017 : no class 28th July or 4th Aug -

Class fee:

Adults - €10, Full-time students - €5. ...Not sure? - come along anyway, your first class is free!

For information and to attend first class, please contact: